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" This is colon cleansing but the meaning of Basti – widely written as Vasti or Wasti – is a general term referring to the lower belly pelvis and bladder. "

The technique is also known as basti karma – karma meaning a process or technique.


There are several ways to achieve this:


Yogic Enema with Water


Truth be told, this is one I’m yet to try. But I do know how you do it.


You stand in a river or stream so that the water goes to the navel. Lean forward and place your hands on your knees, expanding the anal sphincter muscles. Perform uddiyana bandha and nauli – deep breaths using the prana breath to draw up the water into the bowels.  Retain the water for some time then let it all out the way it came in. Obviously the aim is to clean and purify the bowels removing the old stool and releasing any trapped gas.


Dry Yoga Enema


For this, sit with both legs stretched in front and move into paschimottanasana. Hold the position sucking into the bowels. Hold in the air for as long as possible then expel it out through the anus. This is very beneficial in removing the gas and wind from the colon.


Enema – Basti Karma


This is the most common technique and involves plastic enemas and syringes which are used to push medicated oil into the intestine.


I practice this at home at least once a week as it cleanses the accumulated toxins from all the three doshas, pushing through the colon.


First, prepare your enema bag and fill with warm water and your personal choice of oil. Please note, if you’re not sure then seek the help of a professional.


Lubricate the nozzle then lie on your left lateral position, the right knee touching the abdomen.


Grab the nozzle and push about four inches up the rectum. It’s good to exhale fully at the same time.


Then hold the water and oil (basti) in for as long as you can. Hold inside the stomach for as long as you can with gentle massage movements. Then when you can’t hold it any longer, allow to flow out once reaching the toilet.


If your using only the oil method then you’re finished. If using the enema bag filled with water and oil you will repeat the procedure until the bag is empty.


The benefits are extensive. It is great for helping the common cold, soothing the kidneys, relieving backache and constipation. It is also super for cleansing and detoxing the body.


If I use the oil only method – it’s just one insertion and your able to keep hold of it for longer. Its soothing and calming.


If you want to flush and deep cleanse the colon, use the enema bag.


If I feel sluggish I use oregano. If I need more of a detox I use frankincense.

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