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Skype your yoga session with Hip Yoga

" Namaste beautiful soul! "

Welcome to skype yoga and showing an interest into this fantastic art of technology that makes your yoga practice convient and scheduled time to suit you.

Our live classes and one-to-one sessions on Skype mean you can practice yoga under the instruction of an expert, as in moi, Anneli,  from the comfort of your own home, office, hotel, in fact anywhere. Simply connect online and enjoy a session which allows you to incorporate yoga into your busy schedule.


What is it all about?


Basically it’s all about YOU. Prior to our one to one skype session, you and I will discuss what you are  looking for. You may be a total beginner and wish to learn in private. Maybe an hour and half class in a studio is too long for you. So a shorter session would be perfect. We discuss your goals, what kind of class you would like, as in,  hip opening, back bending, meditation, chanting. Totally up to you. I will then customise a programme to suit your body,needs and goals.

Why Yoga online?


One-on-one yoga classes via Skype allow people who can’t travel or have no classes nearby to connect

Its convenient, you can choose your day and time that suits you. You decide what class you wish to practice, weather it be Hatha, vinyasa , Ashtanga, power,Pranayama etc.


We get to see each other, Im able to observe you, give verbal instructions,

on your alignment, taking care of you every step of your practice.


You can roll out of bed, get on your mat and do 30 minutes wake up stretches with me, no need to travel, traffic, parking, so easy


Take part


So what do you need in order to take part in a yoga Skype session?


• A computer, laptop, Ipad, Mobile phone with a web camera, working audio and a microphone


• A yoga mat


• A good internet connection


• A Skype account (free)


• Anything else you need to make your practice more enjoyable (blocks, bolsters, straps, etc.)


What are the benefits


• Comfort of your own environment

You book your time to suit your schedule


• Customised lesson plan just for you


• You avoid travelling, parking, traffic, delays, stress

• One to one so we can communicate together, stop start the practice, time to discuss, personal observation, verbal adjustments, guidance and support before, during and after every practice.


What’s on offer


• One to one

• Skype group classes

• Parent and mini me

• Pregnancy


Top tips


To get the most out of your Skype session:


• Find a quiet space to unroll your yoga mat.


• Ensure your web camera is pointing in the right direction and that you can be seen – in full – standing up as well as sitting down.


• Adjust the sound on your speakers.


• Wear light and comfortable clothes for ease of movement, pj’s are totally excepted!  


• Make sure your yoga equipment is close to hand. You don’t want to have to go looking for it in the middle of your session.


• Avoid eating heavy meals before your session.


• Stay hydrated.


• If you are using a laptop make sure it is fully charged or plugged in.


• Leave your mobile phone off, or on silent during class



Frequently Asked Questions


• Who is this for?

Skype yoga sessions are suitable for anyone interested in working with a teacher live online. It helps many people to fit yoga into their daily life and works well for people who have a busy diary or travel a lot. It is also good for people who cannot commit to a weekly class or who are new to yoga and want some one-on-one tuition.


• What class levels are provided?

Hip Yoga online sessions are great for novices with little or no yoga experience but they are also ideal for intermediate students looking to incorporate something new into their yoga experience. No matter the age, size, flexibility, strength, I am here to guide you. Take you on a journey into meditation, pranayama breathing techniques, Hatha, restorative, mudras, chakras, chants, power yoga, vinyasa, ashtanga and so much more! I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that truly gives me so much satisfaction, being able to share, and help others on this magical journey.


• What should I wear?

Choose light, comfortable clothing that will stretch with you and allow for a full range of movement.

Avoid wearing clothing that is too baggy. Typically, yoga is practiced with bare feet.


• What is Skype?

Skype is an online service that enables chats, voice calls and video calls on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

A basic account is free. Make sure that your account is set-up and that you have tested that it is working properly (video and audio) prior to first session. 


• What if I’m not very flexible?


Then I'm here to help you gain flexibility!


My way of teaching goes so much deeper than the physical asana practice.  Okay so I can teach you poses, yet the real art of yoga is the mental aspect. Going into the deeper layers of consciousness, inner peace, breath, clarity, focus, strength, this is what matters on how your able to take away from your mat , adapting your positive thoughts into your day to day life.

• Can I do yoga if I have an injury?


Depending on the injury, Yet most people I teach have something going on, there isn't many of my students that don't actually have some form of concern, problem, or pain. Your not alone! I have helped those with shoulder injuries, wrists, back, neck,

sciatica, knees, feeling low, fatigued, you name it!


I too have experienced broken bones, I understand the frustrations, limitations, irritability, fed up, negativity you may have.  SO talk to me, lets get the positive, strong, inner strength , powerhouse, warrior goddess back on track.


• How do I book?


Space is limited on our group classes and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. One-to-one sessions are booked at a time that is mutually convenient.


• What if I have to cancel or reschedule one of my sessions?

Because your appointment time has been reserved especially for you I  require at least 4 hours notice when cancelling an appointment.

Given proper notice, you are free to reschedule with no charge.


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