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" This method is purification of the upper digestive tract and is part of Hatha yoga. "

We need to clean the stomach at times as it helps to clean unwanted food particles left over after digestion.


It is the undigested food that becomes stuck on the stomach lining as a sticky yellowish white substance called “Aama”


If it gets into the small intestine, it can be absorbed into the body – creating toxins and causing diseases.


To practice this method, eat light in the evening prior to the following morning so your food has time to digest.  Then practice in the morning on an empty stomach.


To prepare, use a small bucket and ensure its sanitised.


Fill it with warm water and add little salt.  Aim for a litre and half of water with two teaspoons of salt.


I find it best to take the bucket and a jug and sit in a squat position, keeping chest lifted.


Drink the salted water from the jug or if you prefer pour into a glass. Keep sipping as much as you can.


Finish the glass then pour another and drink up.


Keep repeating until you can’t drink any more.


Then go to your sink or shower. Put the index and middle finger to the back of the throat and vomit all the water back up.


I prefer using the shower area for this process as it can be quite an explosion when it all comes back up.


You should not be bringing up any food.


Return back to continue drinking the water and repeat until all gone.


I really enjoy this cleansing, although admittedly I don’t do it often enough.


It should leave you with bright, clear eyes and a sense of lightness and cleanliness.


Don’t be in a rush to do anything immediately afterwards. Try some light stretching and restorative poses.


Throughout the day be gentle, eat light warm foods that are easily digestible and enjoy warm teas.


Other than feeling amazing, this process removes gas and acid from the digestion, removes mucus from your wind pipe and helps sore throats and coughs.

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