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" The word kapal means “cranium” and the word bhati means “light” or “splendour” as well as “perception of knowledge”. "

Kapalabhati can be performed using the pranayama breathing exercise.


It involves cleaning the sinuses. For this fill a bowl with warm water and salt and ensure the salt has been dissolved.


Stand comfortably, relaxing the body as you lean over the bowl. Scoop the water up in your palms then sniff the water through the nostrils allowing the water flow down the mouth then spit it out.


I personally find this a challenge to allow the water to go down my throat…. haven’t yet mastered it to perfection!


Benefits include removing mucus from the sinus and helping to relax the facial muscles and nerves.


You can also perform a mucous cleansing.


To do this, prepare the water as above and take a mouthful of the water – don’t swallow it.


Push it up through the nose – simply reversing the above technique.


Both takes several attempts.


This technique is best performed in the morning or evening and not after a meal.


Before trying this you really need to be familiar with jala neti.

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