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" This practice cleanses the internal organs and tones the stomach using a rolling motion from side to side of the abdominal muscles. "

You need to isolate the belly muscles by drawing them together and push out. This process is known as churning.


A vacuum is created in the intestine and abdomen, which helps to massage the abdominal organs, makes the heart and lungs strong and returning them to health by releasing accumulated toxins.


Ideally you need to have some understanding of Uddiyana Bandha – breath retention.


This will help you greatly to know how to lock each section and retain the breath. You need to do this on an empty stomach, the morning is best.


To practice Nauli, stand with your feet hip distance apart, hands on your thighs and lean forward, bending your knees.


Start with a few rounds of deep inhalations and exhalations.


Exhale fully out of your mouth. You start by locking at the throat but this is pretty advanced so if you’re learning, take your focus to the belly by contracting the muscles. Bring them together then push the belly out and, once mastered, roll the stomach from side to side.


This process is fantastic for your internal organs, massaging your kidneys, bladder, urinary tract and removing sluggishness from the liver, alleviating constipation.

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